A Journey into Authenticity

A set of carefully chosen, unique Indonesia cruise destinations for the most memorable holiday of a lifetime.

Our dedicated crew will always do its best to combine your preferences with their sailing experience and safety considerations, to make your private cruise an unforgettable journey. Any Indonesia cruise will be designed to focus on your favorite activities: scuba-diving, snorkeling, hiking, kayaking, bird watching…
Itineraries are defined before and during the Indonesia cruise to reach the most unique destinations and adapt to present conditions. Please contact us for more details.

Komodo National Park

Known for its famous dragons, the Komodo National Park comprises 29 islands including the most magical ones of Komodo, Padar and Rinca. A source of inspiration for many fantasy movies, the wild Jurassic landscapes will take your breath away. The scenery is spine-tingling, with unbelievably beautiful contours and colors on both land and sea, and an extraordinary variety of flora and fauna.

Diving lovers, you will be enchanted by the rich underwater sea life, with colorful corals and fish, gentle sea turtles, and groups of giant manta rays that weave and turn gracefully through the water.

Expect the sun to shine non-stop from May to October when the seas are particularly bright and transparent, producing white sandbanks surrounded by shimmering turquoise blue waters. A pure delight for the eyes.

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Raja Ampat

Located at the tip of Indonesian West Papua, Raja Ampat is currently called the last paradise on earth. It is a feast for the eyes and the soul, with its spectacular scenery both above and below water. The archipelago counts over 1,500 tiny limestone islands. Nature is at its best here, with thick jungle growing on these rocks, which sprout out of the deep blue sea.

Raja Ampat is without any doubt one of the shining jewels in the crown of Indonesia cruise. Diving enthusiasts are captivated by the incredible diversity of the marine life here, an area that is almost totally protected.

Feast your eyes on the corals, sea turtles, manta rays, barracudas, tunas, and sharks. Giant sea clams can be found in only a meter of water just offshore from the beautiful villages of the gracious local inhabitants.

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Banda Sea and The Ring of Fire

Located in the Maluku region, the Banda Sea is the deepest part of the Indonesian seas, falling away to a depth of 8000m. A circle of volcanoes emerging from the sea gave it the famous name of The Ring of Fire.

At its heart are the famous Banda Islands, also called the Spice Islands, where countless battles were fought over the centuries to gain control of the trade in nutmeg and mace. Visits round the fortress, the perfect natural harbour and the plantations are a must.

A tropical paradise for divers and snorkelers, the Banda Sea is the home to giant sponges, elusive hammerhead sharks, large pelagics and rainbow-colored reefs. Best Indonesia cruise explored in October-November or April.

Each of these remote islands has a unique bio-environment with large sea bird colonies, rumbling active volcanoes and concentrations of sea snakes. You will also have time to visit the remote villages of the local fishermen and find out more about the centuries’ old spice-growing on the island.

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The Forgotten Islands

Nested in the South East of the Banda Sea, these islands have only recently started to be explored, giving a unique feeling of adventure and exoticism.

Every day we will drop anchor at a different island to visit the remote villages, beautiful bays and pristine coral reefs surrounded by large shoals of fish. Guests will have the opportunity to enjoy the deep blue sea and endless reefs, from multi-colored coral drop-offs to newly discovered seamounts. On land, learn about the rich traditions and heritage of the inhabitants through their songs and dances, while sipping their strong coconut liquor.

With our Indonesia cruise, you will have the exclusive opportunity to explore a little more of this remarkable piece of paradise.

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Sunda Island

The Sunda Islands are part of the Malay Archipelago, a long chain of volcanic islands stretching from east to west, from Timor to the Flores, creating dozens of narrow straits where colorful villages decorate these protected shores.

Visiting these small islands is an excellent option if you enjoy meeting local villagers and becoming acquainted with their lifestyle and traditions. The local men are famous for their skilled fishing techniques and the women are experts at weaving colorful scarves and sarongs.

During your Indonesia cruise journey, look up at the smoking peaks of the volcanic islands. Then, look down and admire the impressive currents, sparkling crystal-clear turquoise water and fabulously rich marine life. The Sunda Islands are an absolute delight for travelers who want an adventure holiday and yet an intimate and sentimental journey into lands and cultures unknown.

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