Sunda Island & Forgotten Island 11 Days & 10 Nights

Cruising the volcanic islands of south-east Indonesia gives a unique sense of exploration with pristine coral reefs, remote villages and enormous shoals of fish. Being amongst the first leisure boats to have reached this area, we have made a point of building a relationship built on trust and mutual respect with the inhabitants of these incredibly beautiful villages. Each day, we enjoy the shores of another active volcano, with its unique environment and cultural customs.

This route contains some stretches of open seas where we are very weather dependent. The best conditions are usually found in September to October and April to May.




Maumere Bay

Be picked up in style at your hotel or Maumere airport, the capital of Flores Island where the Sunda island cruise starts. Settle in to your traditional Phinisi liveaboard that you will be calling home for the next few days. Set sail, and have your first bathe in the sea in the afternoon, an easy check dive or go snorkeling on the shores of a nearby island, followed by an evening drink at sunset whilst cruising to the remote Eastern seas.



Wake up facing the magnificent Lewotolo active volcano with tiny traditional villages set upon its shores. The perfectly flat waters of this bay are home to world-class dive sites such as the wall of Bacatan Legend and the black sandy slopes of Lamarian. You get to see everything, from big schools of fish on the wall to tiny rare creatures perfectly camouflaged in the volcanic sand.





Meet the friendly children of Alor who spend their lives on their tiny banana boats and in the water. Be amazed by the colors of the sarongs and scarves handcrafted by the local weavers, brought to you by the locals in their boats. And of course enjoy the waters of these straits that are world famous for the diversity of their marine life. Plenty of beautiful dive sites to pick depending on currents. If tides allow it, spend the afternoon at Sika Peninsula with the local friendly dugong.



Swim, dive or snorkel in the rich waters of Reong Island just off the coast of Wetar. This small island is surrounded by lush coral reefs and tiny white sandy beaches. This is the door to the deep Banda Sea, bringing a high concentration of large fish. On its wall, you can also admire forests of black corals patrolled by reef sharks, tunas and Eagle rays.




Gunung Api

If the weather allows it, discover the isolated active volcano of Gunung Api rising from the abyss to just 300 meters above water. The underwater hot sands favor the presence of an unusually high population of graceful and non-aggressive sea snakes that you will be able to observe easily while snorkeling or diving. Above water, you will be welcomed by hundreds of boobies, frigates and other sea birds that swoop and swirl in the sky.



Reach the uninhabited island of Nyata with its pristine white sandy beach and fantastic coral reefs, schooling jacks, sharks, tunas. A true remote paradise we have only recently discovered. An incredible range of landscapes on just a small island, with colorful coral walls, sandy slopes, perfect beaches for sunset drinks – but still so much left to explore…





Enter the realm of the Forgotten islands at Lailawan and Sermata with endless reefs and their mesmerizing shades of blue. Here, every species of fish swims in large groups, from the bumphead parrot fish to barracudas, jacks and the colorful butterfly fish. These are some of the richest reefs in Indonesia and certainly some of the least well known – exploring them is a must!



Meet the local people of Dai island who live in their tiny villages lodged between the deep waters and high cliffs. And then, plunge into the fish-rich fringing reefs where big schools including the strange hammerhead sharks gather. Everything is extreme on this island: from the landscapes to the iridescent waters, from the abundance of biodiversity to the strong cultural traditions of the local people, Dai will remain one of your favorite memories for a long time…



DAY 9-10

Dawera – Daweloor

Welora village on Dawera is one of the jewels of the Forgotten Islands for its sheer beauty, friendly locals, tasty coconut liquor and one of the richest coral reefs on the planet. So far, any corner on the island we have explored has been well worth a return visit. After a full day of enjoyment, we then anchor close by in a protected bay, to return for another half day in paradise. Don’t miss visiting this picture-postcard village, it is a living dream!

DAY 11


We will cruise back to Saumlaki for our last delicious breakfast and check-out before noon. After sharing photos and farewells, our crew will arrange your transfer to your hotel or airport and on the way back, will bring you to Tumbur village, famous for its wood-carved sculptures. The final leg of your Sunda island journey homewards will be filled with fantastic memories of the most thrilling cruise of a lifetime.