A Story of Humans & the Sea

Pacific High was founded in 2018 by Charlotte, Peter and Yann with one purpose in mind: to share their passion for sea travel. And yet, through experience, creativity and commitment, Pacific High has become so much more than that. It is a story of bringing people and nature ever closer together.

When you embark with us, you are not just going on another cruise. You are taking a step into the world of authenticity.

Yann Martinie de Maisonneuve


Yann is a French-licensed marine carpenter and sailor. Having sailed over 100,000 nautical miles throughout the Indonesian Archipelago (the equivalent of 4 world tours), the local seas and islands have become his home.

Yann Martinie specializes in Phinisi boat construction – a model officially recognized by UNESCO as part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Since 2009, Yann has designed and built 5 Phinisi ketches in Bira. He and his team of shipwrights and boat builders work closely together in a spirit of mutual trust and respect, enabling Pacific High to have full control over every stage of the construction process: the concept, design, construction, and the launch of the boats.


Charlotte and Peter Galsgaard


A perfect example of a successful couple who have been passionate sailors since they were children. Charlotte became an expert mariner from sailing throughout her childhood with her parents and participating in many regattas. Peter was involved in the Danish merchant navy and, amongst other things, he crossed the Atlantic Ocean 4 times aboard the Dannmark, a legendary full- rigged ship built in the 1930s.

The team met during a holiday cruise in Raja Ampat aboard one of Yann’s Phinisi yachts. A shared passion, the same values and understanding of the Indonesian culture: the match was there. The Pacific High adventure was born.

Peter@ph-yachts.com | Charlotte@ph-yachts.com

Johanna Merer


Johanna has two passions: the ocean and the culture of the people living on its shores.

She started as an outstanding diving instructor and cruise director aboard Nataraja and Senja, where she had her unique way of transmitting her knowledge of the local populations and seas.

Her mission is now to manage all operations for the Pacific High fleet: from recruiting the crew to training them to the highest operational and security standards, from logistics to the maintenance of the yachts, nothing is left to chance.

As an expert of the Indonesian seas, Johanna manages the fleet in order to deliver the best service to both our guests and investors.


Marvella Frediana


Marvella is originally from Jakarta, Indonesia. She started her diving career 5 years ago in the islands of the Gods – Bali and later moved to Raja Ampat, one of the scuba diving Mecca of the world to work in several luxury resorts and expand her underwater horizons while learning about the highest standards of hospitality.

She’s always been passionate about the ocean and everything that lives in it. But her absolute dream was to get to live the full experience aboard a yacht.

She joined Pacific High in 2021 as Nataraja’s Cruise Director and brought her invaluable professionalism to enhance the quality of the guests’ experience at sea.
Marvella shares with enthusiasm her knowledge of the Indonesian seas and cultures with our dear guests from all over the world aboard Pacific High yachts.


Cedric Lesenechal


Cedric has been a diving instructor for 15 years all around the globe, and the cruise director of various ships for 10 years in Indonesia.

Thanks to his considerable expertise in cruise management and intimate knowledge of even the most remote Indonesian islands and reefs, the Pacific High team benefits from his precious knowledge and advice to offer cruises that goes beyond your expectations.

A lover of the seas and diving, Cedric helps us improve the itineraries with carefully selected destinations and activities, the quality of services delivered on board.

Leon Design Agency


After educations in their respective fields, interior design for Alexia, visual communication for Pierre, the duo applied their crafts working for major clients such as Chanel or LVMH.

Fate had decided that they should meet in Indonesia and in 2015, Léon Design Agency was born.
The encounter between Pacific High and Léon was obvious and the Agency was thrilled to create iconic spaces aiming to provide a memorable experience to the fleet’ customers.

Léon has always perceived Pacific High as a subtle blend of tradition and modernity and this partnership allowed us all to propose an interior design that triggers emotions.

Grégoire Morlaës-Dusautoir


Grégoire is a multi-lingual financial and sustainability consulting professional with 16 years global experience in France, China, Indonesia and Singapore. He has been travelling the world for years leading him to speak 5 foreign languages, including French, Indonesian and Chinese.
In 2018, after 12 years working for Mazars, a global auditing firm, Grégoire co-founded Smart Advisory Solutions, a legal, accounting, tax and financial advisory services firm based in Canggu, Bali with over 50 consultants serving close to 200 clients.

His independent, risk-free and corporate investment backgrounds are strong necessary assets for Pacific High.


Responsible cruises

Pacific High has put sustainability and responsibility at the top of its priorities.

Protecting this rich bio-diverse environment is one of our missions.



When you go on a cruise with Pacific High you can be sure that the local people are receiving fair compensation for their work. We also participate to preserve the oceans and biodiversity by contributing to the Indonesian Marine Parks and using sustainable and eco-friendly sourced products on board.

Being based in Indonesia, 90% of Pacific High employees are locals. We provide them with good training and revenues whereby they can support their families and contribute to local economic growth.
We have also built up an equitable working relationship with local drivers, rangers and farmers, so that our guests can really get to know the Indonesian people and properly learn about their culture and traditions.

Protecting this rich bio-diverse environment is one of our missions and we do this in many ways – we provide eco-friendly toiletries on board, we work hand- in-hand with rangers from Marine Parks to report any illegal fishing activity and we share our passion for the sea with all our guests and local partners to raise awareness about the conservation of natural habitats.

We also contributed to the reforestation of one hectare in the Kalimantan rain forest (around 1500 trees) in 2019 thanks to our guests and we will continue our efforts by donating a percentage of each boat’s revenue on a yearly basis.



We are not just sourcing all our wood from sustainably sourced plantations with the100% sustainable INDONESIAN LEGAL WOOD label.

We also enthusiastically participate in a reforestation program by supporting the association FNPF (Friends of the National Parks Foundation – www.fnpf.org) thanks to our guests on board our boats.


Any partner working with Pacific High will also participate in this foundation program (restoring forests, protecting endangered wildlife, helping local communities).

Our first donation was made in September 2019 and we plan to continue our efforts by contributing to the association program on a yearly basis for all the boats that Pacific High builds.