Komodo Liveaboards 9 Days & 8 Nights

Komodo Liveaboards is an adventure filled with memorable diving and snorkeling sites with a plethora of undersea flora and fauna, walking trails for fantastic viewpoints as well as the opportunity to witness the grace of Manta Rays. Glide with sharks and observe the largest lizards on the planet in their savannah like landscape. Some dive sites like Castle Rock, Golden Passage, Batu Bolong are considered some of the best in the world.




Sebayor island

Get picked up in style at your hotel or airport, preferably in the morning. Komodo liveaboards will cruise west and enjoy the beach, snorkeling, or diving on Bidadari or Sebayur Kecil Island. These islands offer a calm environment but boast a lively coral reef for divers and snorkelers. Enjoy a first gorgeous sunset with a drink on board or at sea on kayaks or paddleboards. Night dive is optional.


Komodo strait

Komodo Island lies in the middle of the straits between Sumbawa and the Flores Islands. The sea is funneled between the two islands, creating rich currents and coral reefs that we explore, such as Tatawa Besar, Batu Bolong and Golden Passage. At the end of a superb day’s Komodo liveaboards, surrounded by the colorful fish, we anchor safely in Gili Lawa Island Bay, famous for its views of the glowing sunset.




Manta point & Padar island

Cruising south, we will stop at Taka Makassar aka Manta Point. In this lovely coral garden you will swim or dive with mantas, sharks, turtles and many more. The nearby sand atoll with turquoise waters is the perfect spot for lunch and relaxation. From there we will leave for Padar Island with its dramatic landscape of sharp peaks and pink sand beaches. Those who don’t mind taking a few steps can take a short walk to see tremendous views.


Horseshoe Bay

A day in South Rinca aka Horse Shoe Bay allows you to see an extraordinarily high concentration of wild life including monkeys, deer, wild pigs, sea eagles and of course Komodo dragons on the beach. Some world- class dive sites are in these colder waters, such as the famous Cannibal Rock.




Gili Lawa Island

This group of two islands has three world-famous dive sites and shark hotspots to enjoy: Castle Rock, Crystal Rock and the Cauldron. For less adventurous snorkelers or divers, it also has beautiful hard coral reefs surrounded by white sand where manta rays are not a rare sight. Paddle boarding or kayaking in these turquoise water bays is a must before a well-deserved drink at sunset.



The Sanggeang active volcano means you can swim in its underwater hot springs and bubbling reef. Sanggean is famous for its extremely colorful soft corals and the contrasts they create with the black volcanic sand. You can visit the only village on the island, of honey-makers, boat builders and shepherds who are settled on the shoreline. This is a magnificent island to visit from sunrise to sunset.




Banta & Batu Monco

Komodo Liveaboards will cruise to Banta Island just outside the National Park to explore very remote, well-hidden bays with white and pink sandy beaches surrounded by dry, steep slopes and peaks. You will rarely see another soul there, and only big shoals of fish patrol this island. Depending on the weather conditions, we can cruise to Batu Monco and its heavenly calm, turquoise water where the snorkeling is easy and you can dive on pristine coral reefs surrounded by white sandy slopes.


Rinca island

In the morning we leave for the ranger station on Rinca Island from where a park ranger will talk to you about the legendary Komodo dragons. We can then refresh ourselves and swim or dive at Wainilu or Pengah Kecil. For a special moment at sunset, we will cruise to Kalong Island from where thousands of giant fruit bats fly above you in the light of the setting sun.




Labuan Bajo

We will cruise back to Labuan Bajo for our last delicious breakfast and check- out before noon. After sharing photos and farewells, our Komodo liveaboards crew will arrange your transfer to your hotel or airport, and on your return trip back home, your head will be filled with unforgettable memories of the cruise to Komodo liveaboards of a lifetime.


Alternatives & Longer routes

A day to South Komodo will take you into direct contact with the Indian Ocean winds and currents, transporting you to rougher, more dramatic landscapes. In these colder, faster-moving waters, the bio-environment changes, and you will have the opportunity to observe the large manta ray cleaning station at Manta Alley.

An extra day Komodo liveaboards around Padar Island will give you time to dive the very rich coral reefs with unusually fat soft corals and all the small sea creatures that hide inside them. The famous pink beaches of Padar are magnificent, and offshore it is not rare to spot devil ray, ghost pipe fish and the strange frog fish.