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Our History

With more than a decade of experience in constructing and overseeing traditional Indonesian Boat Building, the Pacific High team stands as an industry leader, excelling in cruise operations and crafting distinctive itineraries

pacific high’s milestones

Navigating Tradition – The Marriage of Humans and the Sea

Explore our history as you scroll through the pivotal years that shape Pacific High’s legacy



Yann Martinie de Maisonneuve begins his journey in Indonesia and discovers the Phinisi boat building heritage

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Zirbad sailing
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Aboard his personally constructed boat, Zirbad, Yann navigates the open waters

Heritage of Traditional Indonesian Boat Building

He begins the construction of his first Phinisi boat, named “Zirbad” in Bira, Sulawesi.

Gallery 2
Zirbad in Komodo National Park
Gallery 2
Shape of Zirbad at sea
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The boat embraces traditional craftsmanship and respects the traditional Indonesian boat building.


The Phinisi yacht combines creative vision with time-honored techniques.

Zirbad represents a fusion of Yann Martinie’s personal style and the Indonesian boat building tradition.



Spending several years aboard his inaugural creation, Zirbad, Yann honed his sailing skills.

Gallery 1
Nataraja sailing at Komodo National Park

Driven by his passion for maritime exploration, he decides to build a 32m-long vessel – Nataraja


Curve And Contour
Of The Vessel Reflects His Meticulous
Attention To Detail And Embodies
His Creative Vision

Gallery 2
Nataraja sailing at sea
Gallery 2
Aft main chill lounge of Nataraja

An audacious endeavor, Nataraja illustrates a commitment to pushing back the boundaries of boat design and construction.

Gallery 2
Master Cabin of Nataraja

Creation Of Pacific High

Peter and Charlotte Galsgaard discover the allure of Phinisi yachts aboard Nataraja during a cruise holiday in Indonesia

Gallery 2
Boat Building team in Bira shypyard in Sulwaesi
Gallery 1
Yann Martinie de Maisonneuve, co-founder & director of Pacific High

Combining their
Talent, Expertise,
and Vision, a Remarkable Partnership is forged

The Danish couple is instantly captivated by the elegance, authenticity, and sense of adventure offered by these unique Phinisi vessels.

Their paths cross with Yann and inspired by their shared passion for oceanic exploration, they decide to collaborate.

The trio embark on a shared venture to create Pacific High, a luxury cruising company.

Gallery 2
Yann Martinie, Charlotte & Peter Galsgaard
Gallery 2
Peter & Charlotte Galsgaard, co-founders of Pacific High

Conception, Design & Boat BuildingOf Senja & Dewata

Bringing the team’s vision to life

Gallery 1
Senja & Dewata at the shipyard in Bira

Yann starts the design of two new yacht concepts, inspired by the open sea

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A Harmonious Blend Of
Sophistication, Comfort
And Unrivaled Luxury

The construction of Senja (31m) and Dewata (33m) starts in Pacific High’s shipyard in Bira

Gallery 2
Senja private yacht
Gallery 2
Dewata private yacht

Launch ofSenja

In January 2021, Senja sets sail on her maiden voyage through the stunning Raja Ampat

Gallery 1
Foredeck of Senja
Gallery 2
Master Cabin of Senja

One 25m2 Master Cabin with open sea views, Senja is unique in her kind

A 31m-long vessel, Senja is the first luxury yacht designed & built by Pacific High.

Gallery 2
Chill area at the Foredeck of Senja
Gallery 2
Private terrace of Senja
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Sailing across the Indonesian
archipelago, Senja is perfect for couples looking for privacy at sea


The ultimate luxury yacht offers an unforgettable cruising experience thanks to its elegant design, first-class amenities and dedicated crew.


Launch ofDewata

In October 2022, construction of Dewata is completed in Pacific High’s shipyard in Bira

Gallery 2
Foredeck of Dewata
Gallery 1
Master Cabin of Dewata

With 2 Master Cabins,
of 18m2 each,
Dewata offers unparalleled luxury

Dedicated to groups of friends & families, Dewata offers a mesmerizing experience with two master cabins boasting breathtaking ocean views

Dewata begins her first epic journey, hosting the National Geographic production team in some of the most remote areas of Raja Ampat

Gallery 2
Sundeck of Dewata
Gallery 2
Private terrace of Dewata

Launch of42m yacht

This 42m-long yacht was commissioned by private investors.

The yacht leaves the shipyard for a maiden voyage in January 2023.

Gallery 1
Yacht sailing at sea
Gallery 2
Open sea views bar & chill lounge

The vessel bears the distinctive Pacific High signature style, a fusion of creativity and expertise.

The yacht is conceived, crafted, and built  by Pacific High

Gallery 2
The yacht bears Pacific High signature
Gallery 2
The yacht at the shipyard in Bira
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The future brims with anticipation as a multitude of new projects are emerging


Senja 2.0, the best-seller,
Project 45m for added luxury,
Project 54m Superyacht, redefining luxury yachting

Pacific High’s dedicated team of experts is there with you
every step of the way in your boat building projects

We design, build, own & manage our fleet of yachts

We are Journey Designers,
We are Boat Builders

2018Creation of Pacific High
2019Concept of Senja & Dewata
2021Launch of Senja
2022Launch of Dewata
2023Launch of Majik
Pacific High
Pacific High
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