Pacific High designs elegant cruises around
the Indonesian Archipelago.

Our dedicated crew ensures that you will live an unequaled experience of Indonesia’s humans and seas, hence making your journey so memorable. Nothing is left to chance: we build our own yachts, we operate them and constantly improve our exclusive private cruises itineraries and services on board.

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Our Bespoke Cruises

Sail in style and experience a private cruises journey through what Indonesia archipelago has best to offer. Spoil your eyes with the stunning Indonesian landscapes and magical underwater world, from exuberant coral reefs to magnificent manta rays.

Raja Ampat


Komodo National Park


Indonesia archipelago offers more than 17,000 islands to enjoy, each private cruises destination having its own specificities and seasonal patterns. Join our expert private cruises team, discover Indonesian culture and learn more about exotic fauna and flora.

Boat Building Service

All our yachts are entirely conceptualized,
designed, built and managed by us.



It was a fantastic experience, truly one of the best holidays I have ever had! With the help of a super friendly crew and director of the boat, I was able to fully enjoyed the paradise-like islands: Raja Ampat! Everything spoiled my eyes and my mind! With the help of the translator, I was able to have a very interesting conversation with the locals about their beautiful villages and their magical folk stories.

– Vivi Oktaviani

Life Enhancing Moments.