Banda Sea and The Forgotten Island Liveaboard 11 Days & 10 Nights

Cruising the Forgotten Islands and the Banda Sea Liveaboard is a true adventure. Every day brings you new vibrant experiences that you will treasure long after your holiday is finished. The Banda Sea is largely devoid of landmasses with only a ring of volcanoes and atolls emerging from its depths.

Each island is isolated and is home to a unique marine environment where only a few species thrive in large numbers, from sea birds to schooling fish. This Banda Sea liveaboard route contains some stretches of open seas where we are very weather dependent. The best conditions are usually found in October to December, and March to April.





Get picked up in style at your hotel or Saumlaki airport, the capital of Tanimbar Island where the Banda Sea liveaboard starts. After lifting anchor, you can take your first dip in the sea in the afternoon with an easy check dive or go snorkeling off the shores of a nearby atoll that surrounds massive table corals, followed by an evening drink while cruising to the north.



Reach the Forgotten Islands and plunge into their unique environment – beautiful beaches and lush, diverse coral reefs that host a myriad of marine life. Then finish your day in the dreamlike village of Welora, where you can witness the local culture and dances whilst tasting the local food and strong coconut liquor! Don’t miss visiting this picture-postcard village, it is a living dream!





Meet the local people of Dai island who live in their tiny villages lodged between the deep waters and high cliffs. And then, plunge into the fish-rich fringing reefs where big schools including the strange hammerhead sharks gather. Everything is extreme on this island: from the landscapes to the iridescent waters, from the abundance of biodiversity to the strong cultural traditions of the local people, Dai will remain one of your favorite memories for a long time…



Nil Desperandum Reef is a tiny speck of coral in the middle of the Banda Sea Liveaboard with incredible hard coral formations and resident hammerhead sharks rising from the depths to the delight of divers lucky enough to see them. Spend a full day here to explore the massive coral and sponge formations and look in awe at the shoals of big fish such as tuna and Spanish mackerel that swim past …





Serua Island is situated right at the heart of the Ring of Fire. It is an active volcano with only one tiny village on it, with which we have very strong connections. This village, probably the most isolated one in the whole of Indonesia, grows a few spices such as cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg and the villagers live a very simple life, in the middle of this deep vast sea. Explore Banda Sea Liveaboard both the village and its amazing house reefs where you are sure to encounter the big fish that swim in that part of the ocean.



Manuk emerges from a depth of 7000m to just 200m above the sea, and it contains the very essence of the Banda Sea liveaboard. This very active volcano is home to dozens of sea bird colonies patrolling the sky above the bubbling waters. Sea snakes swim gracefully around massive sponges; dolphins, hammerhead sharks and huge tunas are not a rare sight and each lava flow is a thrilling dive site to explore.





This is the easternmost island of the famous Spice Islands. Whilst relatively flat above water with beautiful beaches, the underwater landscape features endless vertical walls. The diversity of marine life is astonishing, from green turtles to eagle rays, from reef sharks to rare scorpion fishes – it is a delight for divers and snorkelers who can drift along easily on the currents.

DAY 8-9

Banda Islands

Enter the natural harbor of Banda Islands and feel the same spine-tingling awe as the first explorers who discovered the Spice Islands where nutmeg has been cultivated for centuries. Visit the 17th century Dutch fortress and the spice plantations. Lush forest above and exuberant marine life below water will satisfy nature lovers: so many great dive sites like Batukapal and Soangi Island await you for these 2 days visiting this magical place.



DAY 10


Wake up facing the tiny Pombo Boi, a tiny rock with palm trees and a superb coral reef full of strange, tiny creatures, a paradise for underwater photographers and snorkelers. Then head to Molana Island and its pristine white sandy beaches with easy dives to finish off a beautiful trip!

DAY 11


We will cruise to Ambon, the capital of the Maluku region, for our last oh-so- tasty breakfast and check-out before noon. After sharing photos and farewells, our crew will arrange your transfer to your hotel or airport. We know that you will take back with you unforgettable memories of the Banda Sea liveaboard of a lifetime.