Ultimate luxurious voyage aboard luxury yachts: The best Indonesian cruises 2024/25

Jan 31, 2024

1. Komodo Season: May to September

Set sail from Labuan Bajo starting in May, where our yachts await to transport you to the enchanting Komodo Islands & Sumbawa. From May to September, bask in the dry season’s glory, ideal for cruising these pristine waters.

Private Yachts in Indonesia

Indulge in a minimum of 5 nights to fully absorb the wonders of Komodo National Park, or extend your adventure to 10 nights to include the mesmerizing Sumbawa Islands. With convenient access via short flights from Bali or Jakarta, Komodo beckons as the ultimate destination for exploration and relaxation.

Enhance your voyage by combining it with a Bali and Flores expedition. For tailored itineraries and expert guidance, contact our charter specialists to craft your perfect voyage.

  • Key attractions: Komodo dragons / Manta rays / Taka Makassar / Whale sharks / Padar Island
  • Main activities: Snorkeling / Scuba diving / Trekking / Kayaking in bays
  • Suitable for: Group of friends / families with young kids / honeymoon cruises
  • Exclusive Recommendations for Your Voyage: Start your trip in Bali, the island of Gods and combine with a cruise to Sumbawa and land exploration of Flores island.

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2. Raja Ampat Season: November to April

From November to April, our fleet of private luxury yachts—Dewata, Nataraja, Senja—grace the azure waters of Raja Ampat. Prepare to be mesmerized by the unparalleled marine biodiversity and natural splendor of this tropical paradise.

Pacific High private luxury yacht Senja in Raja Ampat
A couple having a glass of wine on the beach during their honeymoon cruise aboard Senja private luxury yacht

Experience peak season from November to December or opt for a quieter retreat from January to March, when the tranquil ambiance is perfect for a winter getaway. Our meticulously planned itineraries, tailored to weather conditions, guarantee a seamless and enjoyable journey throughout.

  • Key attractions: Misool, Cape Kri, Wayag, Stingless jellyfish in Lake Lenmakana, Kali Biru 
  • Main activities: Snorkeling / Scuba diving / Trekking / Kayaking / Visit of traditional local villages / Birds of Paradise
  • Suitable for: group of friends / families with young kids / honeymoon cruises
  • Special recommendations: Start your trip in Bali and arrive in Sorong fully rested to start your cruise. If you are looking for extra days of navigation, we recommend extending your cruise with us including Triton Bay to get the chance to spot whale sharks. If you are keen to discover Papua, we can work with our trusted partners for a land trip in East Papua to get to visit tribes.

Read more about the advantages of a cruise in Raja Ampat

3. Special holiday cruises: Christmas & New Year 2024

Our fleet of yachts is available for special cruises during Christmas & New Year in Raja Ampat. The spots are usually booked early as this is a peak season and probably one of the most magical ones for our guests. Forget about snowballs & fireplaces; Christmas in Indonesia will have this special touch with palm trees, private beach massages, and extraordinary underwater adventures. And where better to enter 2025 in style than with open sea views, enjoying handmade cocktails and champagne, as well as a special celebration dinner? Even far away from home, we can still cater a Five-Star Dinner, including lobsters, Foie Gras & oysters.

Pacific High luxury yachts in Indonesia serving the finest champagne
A couple having a glass of wine on the beach during their honeymoon cruise aboard Senja private luxury yacht

For kids, the experience is nothing less than a fairy tale. With days filled playing on the beach, building castles with our crew, they will enjoy star gazing, imagining when Santa’s sleigh will pass over your yachts to drop their presents. Waking up in the morning’s first hours with a beautiful sunrise and a mesmerizing Christmas breakfast with fresh bread, pastries & juices, or anything that would please you more.

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4. Dive deeper into the wonders of the Maluku Islands and Halmahera

Some destinations, still hidden from the mainstream tourist radar, offer unique opportunities for exploration via yacht due to their remote and challenging accessibility by land. Among these are the Maluku Islands, often referred to as the Spice Islands, and Halmahera. These regions are a haven for enthusiasts of underwater exploration, catering to scuba diving aficionados and adventurers alike.

Private Yachts in Indonesia

Imagine the luxury of a private yacht coupled with the thrill of an explorer’s journey. Spend your days both beneath the waves and on the surface, where encounters with majestic manta rays and elusive hammerhead sharks await. Delve into lush rainforests, perfect for immersive birdwatching experiences.

And when it’s time to unwind, nothing compares to the tranquility of Kei Island. Renowned for its pristine beaches, it stands as one of the world’s most captivating coastal gems. Whether you seek adventure, relaxation, or a blend of both, these destinations promise unforgettable experiences for intrepid travelers.

White sand secluded beach in Halmahera in Indonesia
  • Key attractions: Kei Island / Rock carving / Caves painting / Manta Rays / Mangrove Forests / WW2 wreck diving / Hammerhead sharks / Manusela National Park / Ternate / Volcano / Rainforests
  • Main activities: Scuba diving / Snorkeling / Trekking / Kayaking / Bird watching 
  • Suitable for group of friends / families / adventurers
  • Special recommendations: Start your cruise in Sorong or Ambon and combine with Raja Ampat for a all in one experience with some of the most beautiful remote islands to visit in the world

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