The best ultimate private cruises in Komodo & Sumbawa islands

Jan 24, 2024

Have you ever swum with whale sharks or lounged on a pink sand beach? Does the idea of a manta train sound like an experience you’ve been yearning for?

There exists a place on Earth where these dreams become reality: Komodo National Park and Sumbawa.

1. Komodo National Park

Situated in the Flores Sea, between the islands of Flores and Sumbawa, Komodo National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its strategic location between the Indian and Pacific Oceans makes it a dream destination for underwater enthusiasts.

The park is divided into three main areas:

  1. Central Komodo is home to famous dive sites like Batu Bolong and the massive Komodo island, which houses the endemic Komodo dragons.
  2. North Komodo is renowned for strong currents, beautiful beaches, and viewpoints over the Gili Lawa islands.
  3. South Komodo features Padar, an incredible viewpoint overlooking three differently colored beaches, and Rinca, home to the largest population of Komodo dragons.

Komodo National Park offers a smooth cruise with calm waters, making it an ideal destination for families. Activities include scuba diving, snorkeling, trekking, nature exploration, and encounters with Komodo dragons. Additionally, couples seeking intimacy often rate it as a top destination for honeymoon cruises, thanks to the unique beauty of its pink beaches.

A couple having a glass of wine on the beach during their honeymoon cruise aboard Senja private luxury yacht

The best time to plan private cruises in Komodo is between May and September, during the dry season. All cruises depart from Labuan Bajo in Flores.

Explore the highlights of Komodo National Park Pacific High

2. Sumbawa Island

Less famous than its neighbor, Komodo, Sumbawa is an excellent option for those seeking longer holidays and off-the-beaten-track cruise exploration.

Whale shark in Triton Bay in Raja Ampat on a cruise with Pacific High luxury yachts

Sumbawa boasts a variety of activities, including the highlight of snorkeling with whale sharks in Saleh Bay. Its beautiful coast features pristine white sand beaches, perfect for a beach dinner.

A couple having a glass of wine on the beach during their honeymoon cruise aboard Senja private luxury yacht

Notable locations in Sumbawa include Satonda, a beautiful swimming and kayaking spot where magical scenes unfold at sunset with hundreds of flying bats. Moyo Islands offer a paradise with waterfalls, monkeys, trekking paths, and beautiful beaches. Saleh Bay is renowned for whale shark sightings.

Sumbawa is a well-kept secret and a must-see destination for anyone eager to explore more of Indonesia on a private cruise.

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3. The best way to explore Indonesia: book a yacht charter

With an archipelago of 15,000 islands, Indonesia offers numerous seas to cruise, untouched islands to explore, and countless experiences to cherish.

When traversing half the world, the hassle-free option of chartering a yacht lets you immerse yourself in adventures while enjoying the comfort of a 5-star hotel on the water.

Pacific High luxury private yacht Dewata has 2 master cabins & private terrace with ocean views
Pacific High luxury private yacht Dewata has 2 master cabins & private terrace with ocean views

Indulge in the finest, freshly cooked meals prepared by our onboard chef. Experience spa therapy in idyllic places that were once just a dream. Enjoy privacy with your own private terrace and sundeck. Recline in the best beds with high-quality linens, accompanied by open-sea views for restful nights. Additional cabins on the lower deck cater to extra guests or staff. Each cabin is equipped with ensuite bathrooms, amenities featuring natural products, bathrobes, and much more.

Traveling with Pacific High ensures direct dealings with yacht owners, managing everything from design to operations. With three yachts in our fleet, we are sure to provide the perfect fit for your holidays, whether it’s an amazing Christmas and New Year cruise in 2024, private cruises in Komodo in July or August, or exploring Raja Ampat starting in November.

Pacific High luxury private yacht Dewata sailing in Komodo in Indonesia

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